Community Updates

50-a has nearly been repealed

The New York State Legislature has voted to repeal 50-a. 

At this moment, all we’re waiting on is the Governor’s signature.

This would never have happened — especially with such speed — if not for persistent grassroots activism. New Yorkers have been out in the streets protesting police brutality against Black Americans for two whole weeks. And activists across the state have been calling on their legislators to come back and repeal 50-a.

Thanks to you and the rest of the Stand Up America community, we made over 2,000 calls in just a few days to urge them to vote for this repeal. 

This is what people power looks like.

This repeal is about 40 years overdue. The outdated section of the New York Civil Rights Law has shielded police misconduct from public view for too long, making it difficult for attorneys to access necessary records in court when police officers are accused of misconduct or brutality. 

Thanks to its repeal, we can now bring more police misconduct to light. 

The fight for police reform is far from over. But repealing 50-a is a crucial step towards greater police accountability and an end to New York State law enforcement acting with impunity. 

If you’re looking to take action with us, consider joining our Organizing Team. We’re texting purged voters to get them re-registered and back on the rolls.