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Roundup: Americans Support Vote-By-Mail Efforts, Experts Say It Doesn’t Benefit Any Political Party

Despite Donald Trump’s baseless attacks on vote-by-mail, it’s clear that voters, experts, and elected officials on both sides of the aisle believe that implementing it will help keep voters safe.

Here’s the latest news about the push for vote-by-mail:

Vast Majority of Americans Support Voting By Mail During Pandemic

Over the last few weeks, numerous polls have shown that a large majority of Americans support mail-in voting during the pandemic:

Experts Say Mail-In Voting Doesn’t Benefit Any Political Party

Despite Donald Trump and GOP operatives’ lies about voting by mail benefiting Democrats over Republicans, election experts are pushing back on these false claims.

Recent studies show that it doesn’t benefit Democrats or Republicans more, but it does help increase voter turnout:

Trump Lies About Mail-In Voting, Even As He Votes By Mail

Donald Trump has repeatedly used the White House podium to lie about the impact of mail-in voting, even while Trump himself votes by mail.

Here’s what reporters and experts say about his outrageous claims about voter fraud:

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