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Stand Up America on the 10th Anniversary of Citizens United Decision

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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NEW YORK — Today, on the tenth anniversary of the Citizens United ruling, Stand Up America Founder and President Sean Eldridge released the following statement:

“Today marks ten years since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that opened the door to unlimited corporate money and unrestricted outside spending in our elections. After years of a seemingly never-ending big money arms race, it is easy to be cynical about the prospects for campaign finance reform, particularly with a Republican Senate and White House and a conservative Supreme Court committed to protecting the corrupt status quo.

“But the roadmap to fixing our corrupt political system runs through our states and cities—and there is reason for optimism. Since the decision, nearly a dozen cities, states, and counties have passed meaningful campaign finance reforms that provide us with innovative models for combatting big money’s influence on our elections.

“Cities and states continue to show us that comprehensive reform requires not only restricting outside money, but also changing how we fund our campaigns in the first place. In 2020, voters and lawmakers in Arizona, Alaska, Maryland, Oregon, Philadelphia, and other cities and states will consider critical reforms, from small-dollar matching to lower contribution limits. They should seize the opportunity to strengthen our elections and build momentum for national reform.”

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