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Stand Up America and Defend the Republic Launch Impeachment HQ

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ryan Thomas
(763) 954-0470

NEW YORK — Today, Defend the Republic and Stand Up America are announcing the launch of Impeachment HQ, a joint project that will serve as a rapid response war room focused on impeachment.

The new project is a joint effort of Defend the Republic, a messaging and strategic communications project focused on holding the Trump administration accountable, and Stand Up America, one of the country’s largest grassroots advocacy organizations and a key group driving grassroots action on impeachment, to provide resources to talkers, reporters, and activists on the ongoing impeachment proceedings.

The war room will be run by Zac Petkanas, who was previously the Director of Rapid Response for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Communications Director to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Senior Adviser to the Democratic National Committee. The project will be supported by multiple communications and research operatives from both Defend the Republic and Stand Up America—including Ryan Thomas, the Press Secretary for Stand Up America, who will lead its communications team.

“This campaign-style war room will combat misinformation coming from the White House and its allies, provide resources to activists and reporters, and amplify the incredibly damaging evidence being collected through the impeachment inquiry,” said Zac Petkanas, President of Petkanas Strategieswhich houses Defend the Republic.

“Trump’s defenders must be called out at every turn for standing with a president who believes he’s above the law,” said Sean Eldridge, President and Founder of Stand Up America, whose organization is providing office space for Impeachment HQ. “Through Impeachment HQ, we intend to ramp up pressure on Republicans in Congress to uphold their oath of office and hold Trump accountable for his crimes and corruption.”

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