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Stand Up America Launches Campaign Demanding ‘Moscow Mitch’ Pass $600M In Election Security Funding

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Ryan Thomas
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NEW YORK — Stand Up America is today announcing the launch of a new campaign pressuring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican senators from several states to support election security funding. The new campaign, which will continue throughout September, will mobilize Stand Up America’s community of 2.4 million people to ensure that Congress protects our democracy by passing election security funding.

Stand Up America’s campaign will specifically pressure Leader McConnell and Republican Senators from key states to demand they pass an appropriations bill for fiscal year 2020 that includes $600 million in election security funding to help states replace outdated, hackable electronic voting machines with machines that use voter-verified paper ballots.

“Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress made it clear that the safety and security of our elections are still at risk. Protecting the integrity of our elections shouldn’t be a partisan issue—but Moscow Mitch refuses to defend our democracy and is blocking election security funding,” said Christina Harvey, Stand Up America’s Managing Director. “This campaign will make sure McConnell hears directly from his own constituents and from Senate Republicans feeling the heat for putting party over country.”

Over the summer, Stand Up America drove more than 45,000 constituent calls to the offices of every U.S. Senator in the country. Our community has also penned letters to the editor in several states—including FloridaKentucky, and Texas—arguing in favor of election security funding.

Over the coming month, Stand Up America will:

  • Host a billboard in a high-visibility location near Leader McConnell’s state office in Louisville to urge Kentuckians to call ‘Moscow Mitch’ to demand he stop blocking election security funding;

  • Text hundreds of thousands of constituents across the country urging them to call their senators to demand support for election security funding. We will also do more targeted and more frequent outreach to the constituents of the following senators who are key votes on the issue:

    • Leader McConnell (R-KY)
    • Sen. Blunt (R-MO)
    • Sen. Collins (R-ME)
    • Sen. Ernst (R-IA)
    • Sen. Gardner (R-CO)
    • Sen. Kennedy (R-LA)
    • Sen. Lankford (R-OK)
    • Sen. McSally (R-AZ)
    • Sen. Perdue (R-GA)
    • Sen. Rubio (R-FL)
    • Sen. Tillis (R-NC)
  • Launch a volunteer-driven peer-to-peer texting campaign using the voter file to drive calls and educate tens of thousands of constituents in several of these states, including Leader McConnell (R-KY), Sen. Gardner (R-CO), Sen. Kennedy (R-LA), and Sen. Tillis (R-NC) this week;

  • Drive constituents to visit state offices using our VisitThem tool, which helps constituents to schedule visits and find neighbors to go with; and

  • Run digital ads targeting national audiences to educate the public about election security and encourage constituents to join the Stand Up America community and take action to demand election security funding.

Stand Up America will continue focusing on election security in the coming months because the Special Counsel investigation and Senate Intelligence reports exposed how vulnerable our election systems are to hacking and foreign interference, exposing that Russia targeted all 50 state boards of elections in 2016.

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