HR1 is the progressive response to Citizens United. Here’s how we unrig our system:

Nine years ago this week, the Supreme Court changed the face of American politics.

Citizens United unleashed a landslide of secret, corporate money into our democracy, and it hasn’t been the same since. Super PACs have spent billions of dollars over the last three campaign cycles, enabling dangerous organizations like the NRA to funnel unchecked, unlimited money to the candidates of their choosing.

There’s no question that our system is broken. But despite a conservative Supreme Court, we are far from helpless.

There are bold democracy-strengthening reforms being considered right now that would help unrig our system.

Call your member of Congress now and urge them to pass HR1.

HR1, the sweeping anti-corruption bill that Democrats introduced in the House, would overhaul our broken campaign finance system by:

    • Requiring all political organizations to disclose their donors, so every voter knows who is funding attack ads.
    • Repairing the Federal Election Commission and tightening rules on super PACs.
    • Creating a small donor matching program, which would incentivize candidates to seek out grassroots donations and enable people-powered campaigns that don’t depend on billionaires and big corporations.

It’s time to break the corrupt and all-too-familiar cycle that our current system enables, where Wall Street investors and real estate tycoons dish out generous contributions to be rewarded with lenient regulation and tax breaks.

Let’s instead imagine a world in which $25 or $50 donations carry as much weight as a big check from a Wall Street bundler. Where neighbors come together to meet and support candidates, instead of lawyers and lobbyists gathering in conference rooms across the country.

Imagine a system in which talented and diverse Americans from every walk of life could realistically consider running for office.

That world isn’t a pipe dream. HR1 — and particularly a small donor matching system — would make it a reality across the country.

Call your representative and tell them to support HR1:

Thank you for working towards a fairer future.

Sean Eldridge
Founder and President, Stand Up America