The Sam Nunberg Interviews

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg took to CNN and MSNBC to air his grievances about Mueller’s investigation — and he dropped big news.

You may not have heard of former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg until today, but he just entered the Trump-Russia investigation in a big way.

Nunberg, who calls Roger Stone his mentor, was just subpoenaed by a grand jury following an interview he conducted with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of investigators. He was an early addition to the Trump campaign and claims to be the mastermind behind Trump’s border wall.

Now, he’s under scrutiny. He’s panicking and refusing to comply with a grand jury subpoena. Today’s interviews were a sloppy attempt to clear his own name, but he dropped big news along the way.

Here are three big takeaways from Sam Nunberg’s cable news meltdown:

1. Trump not only knew about, but talked about the Trump Tower Russia meeting at the time.

2. Nunberg believes Foreign Policy Adviser Carter Page colluded with the Russians during the campaign.

3. Nunberg thinks Trump may be guilty, Mueller has something on him.

Time will tell if he’s telling the truth, but one thing is clear: Nunberg is panicking.

The closer Mueller gets to the truth, the more important it is to protect his investigation from Trump’s attacks.

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